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Minereum World Metaverse
The Minereum World will be a 3D Metaverse play to earn game where users can interact with each other. For more information visit The goal of the game is to own as much land nfts as possible, the land is limited to 20,000 plots (ETH and BSC). There are 3 Land Pre-Sales going on at the same time (ETH, BSC and POLYGON). After launch, each land will have a perpetual randomized airdrop of Minereum cubes inside the game, if you own the land you can collect these cubes. You can then redeem your cubes for actual MNE (ETH), MNEB (BSC) or MNEP (Polygon), depending the blockchain you will be using. The more land you own, the more cubes you will get and the more Minereum you will get.

👉 Make sure you read the latest announcement about the Minereum World Metaverse here

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How it works:

👉 Right now you can mint Minereum Land on 3 blockchains: ETH, BSC and Polygon.

👉 The Minereum World is limited to 20,000 Land plot NFTs on the BSC blockchain

👉 You can Mint as many Land Plot NFTs as you want, limited to 20 Land Plots per transaction.

👉 All the BNB derived from the minting on this page will be distributed to the Fee Share Holders (BSC)

👉 Minereum World Metaverse is schedule to launch on Q1 2022

👉 The more land you own, the more Minereum you will be able to collect inside the game after launch.

👉 After minting you are able to manage and resell your Land NFTs on (for ETH and Polygon) and Tofunft (For BSC).

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Mint Minereum Land NFTs (BSC Pre-Sale)
  • Available Land Plots:
  • Land Plots Minted:
  • Land Plot Mint Fee: BNB
  • Total BNB Cost: BNB
  • Your BNB Balance: BNB

👉 Make sure you are connected to the BSC chain and that you have enough BNB in your wallet to mint land on this page

👉 To see the Land NFTs you minted go to